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The People Behind The ATF3



The ATF3 didn't just happen... it is the result of millions of man hours, poured into it by dedicated professionals over a span of more than three decades. One of the few people who was present on the program for the majority of those three decades, John Evans, has compiled a list of Garrett people who have worked on the program at one time or another. Thanks also to Rick Burkmier and Mark McSorley.  Although my memory is good I didn’t know some and can’t remember everyone who contributed, and apologize if I inadvertently missed any individuals. If you contributed to the program and are not on the list, please email me so I can add you to the list.

The list contains few people within the U.S. Coast Guard or at Dassault who contributed to the development of the engine. I would like to add you also, so please email me with your story.

I am always looking for the names of ATF3 contributors who I have overlooked, and any information that you may have on their current status and location.  Please contact me by email with information about ATF3 contributors that are not included on the current people list.

I am also trying to compile a short bio on each person on the people list, with a photo. If you'd like to submit a bio, check the bio page to see what information we're gathering and e-mail it to me with a face shot of yourself.

Click on the Button below to download a printable PDF File of the people involved with the ATF3 Engine Program

updated 7/30/2009