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    This page will contain selected photo’s of the ATF3 Turbofan Engine, the Aircraft it powered, and the Personnel that worked on, serviced or maintained, or operated the aircraft (pilots, copilots, crew-chief’s, directors of maintenance, military flight crew members, etc.).  If you have any photo’s you would like to submit for inclusion on this site please forward or email them to me.

You can view these photo’s, and you can also view some enlarged photo’s  by clicking on hyper-links (photo’s) below.


Personnel  Garrett Site B Torrance, CA USA

Garrett ATF3 FAA Bird Ingestion Test at Satn-Tan Phoenix AZ

ATF3 Engines at the NASA Lewis Research Center for testing

French Navy (Marine) Falcon Gardian (F20H) Aircraft

U.S. Coast Guard HU-25 Falcon Guardian (F20G) Aircraft

ATF3 Engine CrossSection & Gas Path

The Photo below is the Garrett Falcon Jet F20C Flying Test Bed.

This is a test flight of the Garrett TFE1042, First Afterburner Flight.

I posted this picture on the ATF3 Online Museum only because the #2 “Right Pusher Engine” is an ATF3-6A SN #21 (3rd ATF3 development engine assembled in the Phoenix Development Assembly Shop by Mechanics Avery Gauger and Michael McCoy. 

Engine #21 was later converted to a Certified ATF3-6A-3C configuration rated at 5440 LbFn @ 59°F OAT, to be used as a pusher engine for flight test. 

I believe that the Garrett/AlliedSignal TFE1042 engine is the most powerful engine ever mounted on or flight tested on an AMD Dassault Falcon Jet F20 airframe.

And lets face it, It’s a really Great Shot!

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Teledyne-Ryan Compass Cope YQM98A UAV

ATF3 Turbofan Engine for Teledyne-Ryan Compass Cope UAV