This is a highly instrumented ATF3 Development Engine #16 being tested at the NASA Lewis Research Center.  The testing was to confirm that the engine was capable of operation in the entire Teledyne-Ryan YQM-98A Compass Cope RPV operational envelope.  The engine would run at 60,000 feet MSL, but attempted power reductions would result in the engine stalling.  Additional testing was conducted to increase the engine’s operating envelope.  Many changes were incorporated including; 1) the engine speed match (turbine nozzle areas), 2) Inlet Guide Vane Schedule, 3) Installing a 2nd LP Compressor Bleed, 3) changes to the Hydro-Mechanical Fuel Control schedules, Etc. 

The information and NASA photo’s on this ATF3 Online Museum is Courtesy of ATF3 Project Engineer (PE) Jerry Steele (Retired).  I hope to get more information from the Assistant Project Engineer (APE) (and performance engineer for this testing) John T. Huber (Retired).